Aquatic Park Center | 2929 Seventh Street
Photo of Berkeley, CA commercial office space at 2929 Seventh St.
2929 Seventh Street

Location: Berkeley

Use: Office / Laboratory / Retail

Area: 94,000 sq. ft.

Type: Rehab

Completed: 1998




Rehabilitation of this former bakery building was initiated on a speculative basis, demonstrating not only the financial community's confidence in Wareham and the West Berkeley market, but also Wareham's belief in the vision of the R&D market. For one life science tenant, the layout includes an 11,000-square-foot laboratory intentionally designed without walls or partitions to facilitate the exchange of ideas. Wareham has facilitated the growth and expansion of Dynavax Technologies, Inc. over the years, which was a small start-up company when Wareham became its first landlord.  In 2013, Wareham renovated 2919 Seventh Street to accommodate the most recent expansion needs of Dynavax.  Current tenants also include the Joint Center for Artificial Photosynthesis, a division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, and Wells Fargo Bank.


The QB3 East Innovation Center has just expanded to 17,300 square feet to accommodate start-up and next-stages companies.  It is one of the largest laboratories in the QB3 incubator system.